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The Joy of Sports Medicine

One reason I went into sports orthopedic surgery was because I could witness results. Fixing and repairing ligaments and tendons is tangible, it’s not just prescribing medication and tampering with chemicals in the brain. It’s not all about guessing and diagnosing obscure diseases and rashes. In most of my work, the problems are clearly identifiable and solvable with tools and experience.

An example is a patient of mine who tore his shoulder rotator cuff tendons lifting something heavy repetitively above his shoulders. He tried all the non-surgical options available, including injections and physical therapy.

These did indeed help, but he had recurrent issue with daily activities, and pain with sleeping. I was able to fix his shoulder arthroscopically, all with just three less than 0.5 inch incisions. Sure it was painful at first, but after the first few days, he no longer had pain every day. Physical therapy was tough, but he soon got full range of motion, and pain free strength! No longer did he think twice about putting the dishes on the top shelf, or throwing a baseball with his kids. I love when patients have a smile on their face after they get back to activities they enjoy doing, and to know I helped to get them there!

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