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In work, we all have favorite things to do. That favorite task, presentation or pet project that brings us joy. As a surgeon, one of my favorite surgeries is the ACL repair. The ACL is one of the ligaments in the knee that connects the thigh bone to the lower leg bone, giving it stability in cutting and pivoting activities. It is commonly torn with a non contact injury, and can even cause a loud “pop”.

If you have this injury and are wanting to get back to sports and cutting activities, it is important to get treatment to prevent any further damage to your knee.

The recovery is long, but most do get back to the activities they enjoy.

The long term effects of not getting treatment can be increasing your chance for meniscus (shock absorbers of the knee) tears, cartilage damage, and re-injury.

If you believe you have an ACL or any kind of knee injury or pain, I’d be happy to evaluate and get you the correct treatment for recovery. There is no shame is sharing your pain, give the office a call phone number and start recovery today!

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